In-Person Courses

Register for the following in-person courses offered in Calgary. Use the link below on the official AMPP website and search for Location: Calgary on the form to view all in-person courses in Calgary.

Internal Corrosion for Pipelines – Level 2

April 24-27, 2023 hosted at SAIT

The course focuses on the monitoring techniques and mitigation strategies required to assess internal corrosion and develop and manage internal corrosion control programs. Data interpretation, analysis, and integration, as well as criteria for determining corrective action for high-level internal corrosion problems within a pipeline system, will be covered in detail.

Direct Assessment

May 29-June 1, 2023 hosted at SAIT

The Direct Assessment (DA) course concentrates on internal, external, and stress corrosion cracking direct assessment, along with pre- and post-assessment, quality assurance, data analysis and integration, and remediation and mitigation activities. The course also covers the benefits and limitations of Direct Assessment, its relationship to an overall integrity assessment program and industry standards, regulations, and best practices.

Virtual/Blended Courses

AMPP also offers virtual and blended (part virtual, part in-person) courses on a variety of subjects from corrosion to coatings and direct assessment. Use the link below on the official AMPP website and search for Category: Virtual Courses on the form to view the most up to date offerings and schedule.