Upcoming Events

Internal Corrosion Management Symposium - Feb 1, 2023 hosted at Petroleum Club

This symposium includes two sessions – “Introduction to Corrosion” training course from 8:00am to 10:00am, followed by the technical sessions and tradeshow from 10:15am – 4:00pm.

Introduction to Corrosion, 8:00AM – 10:00AM

The corrosion course is open for anyone who is interested to learn more about the corrosion industry. This course provides a high-level crash course on corrosion. Learn about what is corrosion and why it matters. This will also discuss the different types of corrosion that threaten our infrastructure, the causes and the management strategies used to reduce or eliminate the impact of corrosion. This is an entry-level course that is designed to provide the basics to anyone who is new or interested in getting into the industry or is in the industry and wants an overview of the science behind the work they do. No previous experience or knowledge required.

Please note, this is not an AMPP certification course. It is a very condensed, high-level version of the AMPP Basic Corrosion course which is a week-long course offered by AMPP.

Technical Presentations & Tradeshow, 10:15AM – 4:00PM

The technical presentation session will focus on internal corrosion management, which includes presentations on engineering assessments, industry challenges, evolving technologies and best practices. This symposium is intended for field operations, engineering, and integrity personnel and service providers who influence facility integrity and maintenance programs. Registration for the technical presentations opens at 9:45am and the symposium presentations will begin at 10:15 am. The technical presentations will feature a buffet lunch as well as a tradeshow with several vendors on site to talk about their management solutions.


Introduction to Corrosion –  $70 (Regular price)

Symposium Technical Presentations & Lunch – $85 (Regular price)

Full day (Introduction to Corrosion course, Technical Presentations & Lunch) –  $125 (Regular price)

Please note, Early Bird pricing in effect until Friday January 27th at 7pm. Registering early grants a $20-$30 discount on prices.


Tradeshow booth opportunities are available. Cost is $500 for the booth space and allows up to two people to attend the booth and watch the presentations. (Includes lunch)

Lunch and Coffee Sponsor: $250 (includes one free admission for technical sessions and recognition throughout the event).